CBD Dabs Wax 33% 1650mg – 5ml


-CBD Dabs Wax 33%
-1650 mg CBD + Terpenes
– THC <0.2% -Contains: 5 ml

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DABs are potent cannabis-based concentrates. Especially in America it is very popular and gradually the knowledge and interest spread to the rest of the world. Also, in the world of medical cannabis, the demand for CBD dabs is increasing due to the high concentration of cannabidiol.
CBD Dabs Wax 33% is extracted from organic cannabis, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Because cannabis concentrates are very expensive, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with fire. Because of this we advise you to use special bongs or oil pipes. You can also inhale dabs through a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. It is important to use vaporizers specifically designed for wax and concentrates. A vaporizer intended for liquids is not suitable.
Content: 5 ml – 1650 mg CBD + Terpenes
THC content <0.2%


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