Cannabis for almost a century was the most defamed plant in history. After millennia of use from the human, there was a defame after the decade of 1920, owed to the interests of multinational companies of tobbaco, alcohol, to the people and the scientific community.

So a plant with application nearly to all the sections of human activity (clothing, alimentation, energy, agriculture) and many others, was put aside.

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<<Ουδεν έρπει ψευδος εις γηρας χρονου>>

–Sofoklis. Ancient Greek Philosopher

(No Lie will get old)

Although in the beginning of the millennia, only some states of USA and some other countries allowed the pharmaceutical use of Cannabis, we have come to the times that it is legalized in Country after Country. In Greece since 2016 a series of changes in the Laws took place, to allow the cultivation of certain approved from EU varieties of Sativa L., rich in CBD with THC smaller than 0.2% and the road to the medicinal properties of Cannabinoids opened to the greater public.

scientist gathering cannabis