HolyLeaf OG Haze 2gr & 5gr


Natural, seedless cannabis blossom with wonderful OG Haze aroma.
Airtight metal packaging
Legal and non-psychoactive product
Seed from EU approved varieties organic farming without chemicals.
Organic indoor farming without chemicals
Produced and packaged in Switzerland.



HolyLeaf’s Swiss hemp flowers are carefully selected and rich in terpenes with great flavor and aroma.The taste of the OG Haze strain swings between Haze and Kush, and promises a pleasant experience.
The CBD content is below 10% and the THC content is less than 0.2% as required by Greek law. The CBD flowers come from organic indoor crops and contain no chemical pesticides and herbicides.
 The well-known Swiss precision guarantees the highest quality
 Available in the best airtight packaging on the market, with an oxygen absorber sachet to protect and maintain freshness.
It is produced and packaged in Switzerland.
Non-psycho-productive product – No sale to minors

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2gr., 5gr.


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