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Herbal Vaporizer
Convection Heating
Height only 10 cm
Perfect taste in every session

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Weecke Technology has graced the market with yet another wonderful vaporizer, the Fenix Svaty. This is one compact and efficient, handheld herb vaporizer to add to your collection. The Fenix Svaty is only 10 centimetres (4 inch) tall and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry when you travel. A couple of the Svaty’s top features you’ll enjoy are its fast heating time and the production of flavourful vapour.

You also never have to worry about the battery dying and leaving you high and dry. The Svaty vaporizer is equipped with a powerful 1650 mAh internal lithium battery that offers thirty minutes of continuous run time. Micro USB charging allows you to charge your vaporizer when needed. The Svaty vaporizer uses a powerful air heating technology that allows it to heat up in as little as 30 seconds. Advanced convection heating ensures that the air is preheated before it passes through the material, so you enjoy the highest quality vapour. The size of the Fenix makes it very comfortable and easy to travel with in your hand, and allows for stealthy vaping.
The Svaty’s metal body is made of aluminium

Highlighted Features
Hybrid Heating/Convection Heating/Air Heating
30 sec heat-up time
Temperature range: 160 °C – 210 °C
Powerful 1650 mAh internal lithium battery
Two-hour battery life and thirty minutes continuous run time
Micro USB charging
Compact, 10 cm tall
Weighs 70 g
Digital screen

Vapers can breathe a sigh of relief as they can now get their hands on one of the finest micro vaporizer, the Fenix Svaty Vaporizer by Weecke Technology. The Svaty Vaporizer is a compact 10 cm tall device that delivers on performance.

A question that immediately arises is whether such a small device can really give you what you want and if it’s really all it’s made out to be. The long and short answer are yes (though we are going to write a bit more about it). The small vaporizer has a triangular design, is easy to use, and easier to take along wherever you go. Its compact size, features, and portability allow you to vape discreetly. The delivery of pure vapour quality was not compromised on to bring you a handy vaporizer of this size. Here is a bit of detail on some of the features you will enjoy.

Silicone mouthpiece
Cleaning brush
Load/stir tool
(Micro) USB charging cable

Convection Heating
The Fenix Svaty advanced convection vaporizer uses hybrid technology. This technology allows it to provide you with the highest quality of vapour by preheating the air before it passes through the device. The fully isolated air path produces the purest vapour from the heating process that takes place in an anodized heating chamber. Temperature control offers a range between 160 ° and 210 °C, and once the preferred temperature is selected the vaporizer will heat up in just 30 seconds.

Heating Time
Don’t be fooled, the size of the Svaty Vaporizer hides its true power potential. The powerful 1650 mAh internal lithium battery packs enough power to efficiently support a temperature range between 160 ° and 210 °C, and delights with a snappy 30-second warm-up time once a temperature is selected.

The Svaty Vaporizer’s heating system is designed to ensure the heat is distributed evenly so users do not have to contend with a burned or bitter taste. The heat-reducing silicone mouthpiece has an isolated air path system that keeps the air cool and pleasant during each session. Thanks to the anodized heating chamber, you are sure to enjoy perfect flavour every time you vape.

Battery Life and Run Time
The compact and portable Fenix Svaty Vaporizer will help you step out of the era of bulky vaporizers in fine style. The micro vaporizer is not just fashionable, but delivers on great, powerful performance. The powerful 1650 mAh lithium battery runs continuously for 30 minutes and saves energy by automatically shutting the device off after five minutes of inactivity. Battery life lasts for up to two hours after which the micro USB charger can be used for fast and convenient recharging. Charge time is approximately two hours.
The Svaty is a handy micro vaporizer that allows vapers to enjoy great vaping without breaking the bank. Make it that second vaporizer that you can take along on the road with you for stealth vaping. The digital screen allows you to easily control your vape on the go.

All Fenix Svaty vaporizers are completely authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty.


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