Chocoloco 10% CBD Solid 1gr


CBD Solid 10% Chocoloco
100mg of CBD
100% hemp extract
Contains 1 gram of resin
THC: <0,2%

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CBD Solid Chocoloco is a resin extracted from cannabis plants from organic crops without using chemical pesticides and herbicides.The extraction method used is the triple supercritical CO2 extraction that is the purest method of extraction and leaves no residues.
The strong aroma is due to terpenes obtained from the more aromatic cannabis plants and has a pleasant chocolate flavor.
CBD product from the best hemp plants with great attention to detail and quality control.
Like all our CBD solids have been laboratory tested to ensure consistent and excellent quality results for each batch.
Contains 1 gram of resin with 100mg of CBD
-It contains less than 0.2% THC
-Legal and non-psychoactive product
-Sold as a decorative-collectible product.
It is forbidden to sell to minors


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