CannaBudz Black Mamba 18% CBD 1gr


Natural, seedless cannabis blossom with wonderful aroma
Certification of quality on the packaging
Legal and non-psychoactive product
Seed from EU approved strains, from organic farming without chemicals.



Cannapoint presents you the legendary Black Mamba strain from CannaBudz, a CBD blossom that will fascinate you with its rich taste,thanks to the rich terpene profile, but also delight you with its high cannabidiol content (18%).
 Natural, seedless, fluffy cannabis blossom, with quality certification on airtight packaging.
Legal and non-psychoactive product with thc <0.2%, as defined by Law. Seed from EU approved strains, not genetically modified, produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides The product is intended and sold as a decorative space - aromatic. This product contains tetrahydrocannabinol levels below 0.2%, which is the permissible limit in Greece, and has no psychotropic properties. It is legal in Europe and most countries in the world. In other words, the product is not suitable for any kind of recreational use.


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